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Video Marketing – Why Hesitate?


Video is the fastest growing marketing strategy…because it works.

Last year, a staggering 99% of marketing professionals said they planned to continue using video with 95% saying they planned to increase or maintain the amount of money they spent on it.

At TW2, we’ve found that despite the growing use of video, many companies are still hesitant to try it. Read on as we debunk 5 video myths and provide you with easy steps to launch your video marketing.

1. Videos are a one-and-done proposition. Not true! Videos have multiple benefits and can be used in many ways. Did you know that video:
– Increases your website’s SEO
– Can be edited for multiple uses including websites, email, social media, presentations and more
– Gets 1200% more shares than text and image content combined

2. Videos are expensive. Wrong! That’s not to say that high-quality videos are cheap to produce. They are, however, cost-effective with a high ROI. 89% of marketing pros report that video gives them a good return on investment.

3. Video production is time intensive. Not anymore! Advances in technology have increased video quality while decreasing the amount of production time and the cost. Gone are the days of long production shoots with multiple takes. You can spend less than one hour on a video shoot that will result in a high-quality video(s). The key is to have the right equipment and a professional to help you.

4. No one really watches videos. We’ll agree that no one watches long videos! A classic mistake is to make a video too long and too in-depth. While your video’s length depends on what you are communicating, we advise clients to keep videos under two minutes. And use lots of graphics, photos, interesting backgrounds and other techniques that reinforce your messaging and keep the viewer interested.

5. I have nothing to say. Yes, you do! Topics can range from industry news and trends to service overviews and how you can help a client with a problem. There is (virtually) no message that videos can’t communicate. Good videos tell a story. What’s your story?

At TW2, we’ve streamlined video production with our new service, Live in 5!, designed to help you create videos from anywhere. In 5 easy steps, you can quickly and cost-effectively start marketing with video.

Nicole Hagaman
Senior Marketing Consultant
TW2 Marketing



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