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TW2 University is where we share interesting and helpful information we learn through our marketing and communications consulting and in our adventures connecting with a variety of professionals through virtual and in-person events.


By Nicole Hagaman, Senior Consultant, TW2 Marketing When recently asked to present to , an international female-focused co-working space and business accelerator, I decided it was time to talk about work/life balance. Like many other families, I felt the need to focus on this more than usual due to the additiona...

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Each year, the Urban Land Institute releases its “Emerging Trends in Real Estate” outlook on the evolving trends shaping the real estate industry. The local San Diego/Tijuana chapter of ULI, where TW2’s Jennifer Whitelaw serves on the board as programs co-chair, invited Andrew C. Warren, director of real estate...

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Journalists use a proven formula to get, and keep, people reading their articles. That same formula can easily be applied to marketing content. In a three-part series on adopting journalistic principles for marketing writing, TW2 Senior Consultant Denise Nix, a former news reporter, explains how journalists write first ...

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Prospective clients know if you’ve done your research before you meet with them. They want their team to include people of color and women. And, possibly above all else, clients want you to be responsive. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, as well as the renewed focus on diversity and inclu...

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Is your SEO the best it can be and are you doing all you can to get top search results? SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of improving the quality of your website to enable search engines to find you and put you at the top of search results. If implemented properly, SEO has the power to increase your web...

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One thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has reinforced is the importance of personal connections as part of the marketing and business development process. Email marketing, ZOOM meetings and phone calls can only go so far in providing an understanding of who you are and the services you provide. That’s why video is the...

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Editorial award submissions are the Stealth Bomber of public relations. Publications invite you to tell them about the best parts about your business, a team within your business or individual professionals. Then, they name you the “best” or the “top” in your field and publish great things about you for their rea...

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Every social media platform has seen a significant increase in users and activity over the last two months. With people turning to social media apps to keep themselves entertained, connected and informed, NOW is the time to focus your efforts on building and expanding your social media presence. As TW2’s Account Manage...

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I recently attended a webinar in which the term ‘over-communicate’ was used many times. The distinguished speakers with varying backgrounds and expertise all agreed that now is the time to over-communicate with multiple groups and individuals. As a marketing communications professional, my knee-jerk reaction was: NO!...

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Like many of you, the TW2 team is looking for ways we can help our community and our clients during these trying times. We've put together the following suggestions for businesses struggling with external and internal communications during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Take the time to truly connect with others. Ask ...

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