Rethinking Your Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis

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  2. Rethinking Your Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis
Rethinking Your Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis

Like many of you, the TW2 team is looking for ways we can help our community and our clients during these trying times.

We’ve put together the following suggestions for businesses struggling with external and internal communications during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Take the time to truly connect with others. Ask how people are and listen to what they say.
  • What can you uniquely comment about? Speak up only when you can genuinely add to the conversation. Don’t communicate for the sake of keeping your name out there.
  • Put aside ‘hard-core sales’ tactics. Offer information and solutions that mirror current business priorities.
  • Don’t hold back information that critically affects others, even if it is bad or disappointing news. State the facts and then offer how you will overcome the ramifications.
  • Don’t set arbitrary dates. If you don’t know when you will accomplish something, it is better to say so than set unrealistic expectations.
  • Let your social media take on a new role. Put aside your bragging rights and comical musings. Instead post important information and insights.
  • Don’t say anything now that could hurt you in the future. This crisis will eventually pass, and we will return to a ‘new normal’ so be certain your communications positively position you for the next challenges and opportunities.
  • If you want to share how your company is helping others, frame the discussion so you are inviting others to help also.

How to Make a Difference

Many of us are looking for ways to make a difference by supporting others affected by COVID-19 and our healthcare workers. In our hometown of San Diego, the online generosity marketplace Match Your Need has compiled the following list:

We’re Here to Help

TW2 has extensive contacts in business and nonprofit. If we can be a referral source to you for any support you may need during this crisis, please let our team know.