The Value of “Getting on the News”

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  2. The Value of “Getting on the News”
The Value of “Getting on the News”

Traditionally, public relations focused on getting your name in print or your voice on a broadcast. This is because being interviewed or featured by a credible news outlet enhances a professional’s credibility, visibility and reputation — all key to effective marketing. 

Recently, TW2 Senior Consultant Denise Nix spoke at the American Bar Association Mediation Committee’s meeting about the value and strategy of “getting on the news.”


Denise began with an overview of today’s dynamic media landscape. Understanding the diverse media types is important when discussing PR. She distinguishes between credible, reputable news outlets and those that are not. In PR, she says, it’s essential focus on the former because they are trustworthy and have integrity. By extension, anyone those news outlets choose to interview as an expert will be seen by the audience as possessing the same level of authority—a powerful testament to the impact of association. 

Often, it takes some work to secure an invitation to be on the news. The first step is being tuned into what is “news” and then ensuring reporters, editors and producers know that you can bring valuable context to their reporting, Denise says. 

Importantly, PR isn’t a one-and-done strategy. The benefits of being on the news increase when the article or broadcast is posted and shared on your website and social media profiles. Not only do you get extended exposure, but these links also boost search engine optimization, or SEO.  

By leveraging their credibility of trustworthy outlets, PR professionals can cast a spotlight on their clients, fostering strong connections with their target audiences.