New Series Available on C-3’s “The Finest City” Podcast

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New Series Available on C-3’s “The Finest City” Podcast

Every city has a story, and this one is about San Diego. You might know it as a paradise of ocean and sunshine, but as the most biodiverse region in the country and one half of the second largest bi-national metropolis in North America, it’s also a battleground.

So goes the opening of Citizens Coordinate for Century 3’s (C-3) podcast, The Finest City, which was established in April 2021 to honor C-3’s 60th anniversary. After podcasting interviews with the original champions and warriors of the organization who have influenced progressive land planning policy in the San Diego/Tijuana region, C-3 is debuting its “Knowledge to Action” series. The new series on The Finest City highlights modern creatives, environmentalists and social justice warriors.

The Finest City’s Knowledge to Action series, which is underwritten by SDG&E, features interviews with movers and shakers affecting six areas of land planning in the San Diego/Tijuana region. These six areas, also known as C-3’s Knowledge Action Networks, are: the Urban Core; Mesas, Valleys and Canyons; the San Diego Bay; the Bi-National border; Coastline and Wetlands; and the Back Country.

Each Knowledge Action Network will inspire six different podcast programs, for a total of 36 episodes over the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. Subscribers can access the first seven episodes immediately. The Finest City’s Knowledge to Action series is hosted by communications professional and former C-3 President Jennifer Whitelaw and is available for free on major podcast platforms.

Knowledge to Action episodes already available include interviews with urban planner Suchita Lukes; infill developer Rammy Cortez; housing advocate and former business improvement district professional Stephen Russell; architect, planner and professor Diego Velasco; community development professional Ricardo Flores; academics Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell, Ph.D and Leslie Lewis, Ph.D, MPH; and environmentalist Zachary Plopper.


About The Finest City

Through The Finest City podcasts, C-3 presents a collection of contemporary dialogues on the state of the San Diego/Tijuana region that may serve as a time capsule, reminding people of the challenges local communities have faced and continue to face, and that much can be achieved by continuing to build bridges through collaboration and communication. By publishing these dialogues in a digital audio format, C-3 is able to reach more diverse communities, giving them access to the issues that directly affect them.


About Citizens Coordinate for Century 3

Founded in 1961, Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 is dedicated to preserving and improving our region’s built and natural environments. Our objective is to influence critical policy, planning and design through education, empowerment and advocacy.