Walden Family Services Urges Community Support for Foster Youth

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  2. Walden Family Services Urges Community Support for Foster Youth
Walden Family Services Urges Community Support for Foster Youth

Walden Family Services, in partnership with Cox Communications, is proud to announce the release of a powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA) that sheds light on the critical state of California’s foster care system. This collaboration will significantly amplify the organization’s message and reach a broader audience, raising awareness about the challenges faced by foster youth and the urgent need for community support.

The PSA that Cox began airing across the county also aligned with National Foster Care Month, which was observed in May. Walden Family Services is calling on the community to rally behind foster youth to provide them with unwavering support and opportunities to thrive.

“Every day in California, more than 100 children enter foster case due to abuse or neglect,” said Walden CEO Teresa Stivers. “Two thirds of those children are from Southern California. “

Stivers, a compassionate community servant with more than two decades of experience supporting the most vulnerable members of our society, passionately discusses the growing number of foster youth and emphasizes the urgent need for more compassionate individuals to step forward and provide safe, nurturing environments for these children, teens and young adults.

In recent years, progress in meeting the needs of all foster youth has been hindered, and the challenges were further compounded by the significant impact of the pandemic. As a result, approximately 60,000 young individuals now find themselves navigating California’s overwhelmed foster care system, necessitating immediate attention and collective action.

Walden Family Services urges all individuals and communities to consider the profound impact they can make by actively sharing this important message. By raising awareness and inspiring collective action, we can work towards creating a brighter future for the youth in foster care.

To watch the PSA and learn more about Walden Family Services’ mission, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHqhzE9VEQQ


Walden Family Services provides foster care and adoption services for children and families throughout Southern California. Founded in 1976, Walden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that addresses the unique needs of all children who are neglected and abused, including those who are medically fragile, have developmental disabilities and behavioral or mental health challenges as well as those who are in sibling groups or LGBTQ. The organization also provides transitional housing and programs for youth who have aged out of the foster care system, family visitation centers and parenting programs that focus on stopping the cycle of child abuse. For more information, visit www.waldenfamily.org.