Tips for Women Wanting to Serve on Company Boards

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Tips for Women Wanting to Serve on Company Boards

California’s new law requiring at least one woman on publicly-traded companies’ boards of directors has many women excited by the opportunity the law creates but also unsure about how to get on a board or even if they are qualified. TW2’s Teresa Warren recently attended a program put on by the North San Diego Business Chamber on “What Will It Take to Get More Women on Boards?” She walked away with these suggestions:

  • Nonprofit and private boards are a great place to get the experience and training needed to serve on a public company’s board.
  • Update your bio so your functional expertise is showcased.
  • Select 5-10 companies on whose boards you’d like to serve and where you can add value. Call the CEO and set up a meeting, or contact a recruiter. Some companies are looking beyond their contacts and hiring recruiting firms to find good board candidates.
  • Don’t be concerned about being the only woman on the board – this is your opportunity to speak up and let your voice be heard as well as put your hard-earned skills to good use. You blazing this trail will help all women.
  • Don’t underestimate your value and your experience. Have self-confidence and believe in yourself.

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