RxSafe, LLC Introduces New Automation for Pharmacies

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RxSafe, LLC Introduces New Automation for Pharmacies

Enables Remote PV2 Through Optical Pill Counting & Verification

RxSafe LLC, a leading developer of automated robotic technology, has introduced a new automated medication counting and verification device, the VisionRx™. VisionRx provides advanced optical counting with remote machine vision pill verification, enabling workload balancing in busy pharmacy environments or even while working from home. The device has several ergonomic features, including a counter height tray and ambidextrous usability for both right and left-handed users.

The VisionRx captures clear, accurate images of each pill (including clear gelcaps), the label on the vial, and the pills in the vial, enabling remote review and approval. Information regarding pill properties is combined with patient data, lot number and expiration date and recorded in the database. Upon pharmacist review and approval, which can occur in-store or remotely, the prescription can be released to the patient. Every step of the process is documented and sent to the pharmacy management software system, with all steps recorded and images saved.

VisionRx makes PV2 functions easier to manage, more efficient and less expensive. Information can be reviewed and checked from anywhere – the location where the prescription is being filled, another facility, a central fill site or even at home.

“The VisionRx reduces costs, improves accuracy and patient safety, offers better workload balancing and faster service, resulting in happier patients,” said William Holmes, CEO of RxSafe. “Pharmacies are able to streamline their complex, non-linear workflow and replace it with a simplified, faster, more accurate and less expensive process.”

VisionRx offers flexibility that not only simplifies tasks for employees but also, reduces stress and enhances ergonomics, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention. It also improves patient safety through increased accuracy and traceability.

Designed and manufactured by RxSafe in San Diego, the company’s robotic automation systems help chain pharmacies, independent retail pharmacies, institutional pharmacies and health system pharmacies to boost profitability and improve patient safety. The company has a broad patent portfolio of US and international patents and is actively developing innovative new products.



RxSafe is the leader in robotic automation that improves patient safety and boosts profitability for chain, independent retail, institutional and health system pharmacies. Our RapidPakRx™ adherence strip packager and RapidCardRx™ automated blister card filling packager produce single or multi-med pouches and blister cards with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, enabling pharmacies to execute a 30-day med cycle at the lowest possible cost. Our RxSafe 1800™ system allows pharmacies to boost script-filling accuracy & speed, save floor space, increase narcotics security, and take control of their inventory management.

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