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How to Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile


By the end of Q3 2020, LinkedIn grew to 722 million members with 26 percent of those based in the US/Canada. That’s more than double its member count from five years ago! User engagement on the world’s preferred professional social network also grew by 26 percent during Q3 of last year. This comes as no surprise, as the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how we conduct our professional lives.

Now more than ever before, people and companies are turning to social media to learn, connect, recruit, search, advocate…and throw in a humble brag here and there. In fact, 50 million companies worldwide are making moves on LinkedIn right now.

So, when is the last time you dusted off your LinkedIn profile? Does your company page make you feel proud? How are your employees using the social network? If an awkward, uneasy smile is spreading across your face right now, that probably means it’s time for some LinkedIn TLC.

Here are a few tips to level up your LinkedIn:

  1. Update your profile picture to a professional headshot (or at least a clear image of you smiling). Members with a profile photo get up 21 times more profile views.
  2. Update your Industry information. More than 300,000 people search by industry every week!
  3. Add the Services you provide and your Location to improve your searchability.
  4. Your About/Summary should highlight the services you provide and how you’ll add value/contribute to a client. Make sure your About/Summary is at least 40 words.
  5. The Feature content section is somewhat new. In this section, which sits near the top of your profile, you can pin rich media such as links, videos and articles that showcase your work.
  6. Give and receive recommendations (giving a recommendation to someone is a great way to say “hi” and improve your relationship!)
  7. Regularly comment, post or share industry news or news from your company’s page. This will show up in your Activity section.
  8. When growing your network, connect with people you actually know and follow people you admire or respect. Remember, quality > quantity.

Our team has guided several clients to improve their personal profiles and company pages on LinkedIn through one-on-one and team trainings and tutorials and instructional videos.

Here’s to showcasing your best self online!

April Enriquez
PR Consultant
TW2 Marketing



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