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FS Design Group Gets New Owner

After 30 years in business under the leadership of Founder Bre’an Fox, FS Design Group has a new owner. Amy Tobia, a 10-years FS Design Group team member, purchased the firm from Fox.

FS Design Group provides interior design for corporate, healthcare, retail and multifamily properties. Tobia, who is now principal of the firm, will oversee its increasingly diverse range of projects, clients and dynamic team. Fox will remain with FS Design Group for a year during the transition before retiring.

For Fox, having Tobia step into this role was an obvious choice, as she and Tobia share philosophies in their work ethic and how they interact with people.

“That is critical to me because of the effort, time and energy that I put toward this business,” said Fox. “It’s so nice to see it being carried on in the same manner and maintaining the reputation that we’ve all helped build.”

This shared work ethic involves working and behaving with integrity; providing service in a client-first approach; being responsible and supportive to staff members and colleagues within the industry; and continuing to be open and interested about new trends and the ever-changing real estate environment.

“We’ve made it personal, not just about business,” Tobia said. “FS Design Group is still working with some of our original clients and referral partners from 30 years ago.”

Tobia will also continue the firm’s unique cross-training program, ensuring all FS Design Group team members are well versed in every aspect of the business so they can take projects from beginning to end. The cross-training business model increases efficiency for FS Design Group and its clients.


FS Design Group, based in San Diego, California, is a leading interior planning and design firm founded in 1992 and specializing in commercial and medical office projects. The FS Design Group team focuses on design as a business strategy, recognizing its impact on workforce attraction, performance and retention. FS Design Group provides exceptional aesthetics, optimal functionality, economic viability and long-term performance in creating unique space solutions. A woman-owned and run firm, FS Design Group’s close-knit team works collaboratively with each other, clients, property managers, contractors, architects and other partners in creating customized and beautiful spaces for businesses and health care providers, and those they serve.