FS Design Group Completes Efficient, Welcoming Space for Palomar Medical Center Escondido

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  2. FS Design Group Completes Efficient, Welcoming Space for Palomar Medical Center Escondido
FS Design Group Completes Efficient, Welcoming Space for Palomar Medical Center Escondido

FS Design Group, a leading San Diego-based interior planning and design firm specializing in commercial and medical office projects, is designing the interiors of three new medical office buildings on the Palomar Medical Center Escondido campus. Construction just began on the third office building, is underway on the second and was recently completed on the first.

The three medical office buildings are part of the 56-acre, $110 million expansion of the Palomar campus on Citracado Parkway. FS Design Group, providing the interior design for each facility, is incorporating a warm and professional look into the offices while prioritizing comfort for patients and their caregivers, as well as the physicians and medical staff.

“A state-of the-art environment in a medical facility is important but it can be intimidating. To balance this, we are blending in a ‘hospitality’ feel that is calm and inviting to help reduce anxiety and promote healing,” said FS Design Group Principal and Senior Designer Bre’an Fox. “It was an honor to partner with Palomar Health to help it achieve its goal of providing quality care in an atmosphere of well-being to the San Diego community.”

The interior of the just-completed three-story, 80,000-square-foot building reflects the design plan being used throughout each medical office building, emphasizing efficiency and wellness. Because the space needs to support large medical devices, people with mobility issues — including wheelchair users — and a busy staff, the floorplan is carefully organized with generous circulation and clear wayfinding indicators enabling easy navigation. Clean lines and contemporary styling in appealing neutrals and tones from nature combined with lively accent colors reinforce Palomar Health’s brand. There is plenty of light in key rooms, such as the infusion center where patients must sometimes spend hours and the employee break room. Both rooms are situated on the building’s exterior and offer sweeping views from the hilltop location.

“FS Design Group was thoughtful in their design choices and truly instrumental in creating an environment where people feel comfortable being treated in a professional, warm and inviting office,” said Palomar Health CEO Diane Hansen. “We’re very pleased with the outcome of the first building. It’s nice to have spaces that promote relaxation and healing for patients and offer respite for their family and caregivers.”

The interior design supports the building’s architectural design, provided by Raymond Fox & Associates, which emphasizes efficiency.

“The floor plans put a priority on a ‘patient first’ thinking process. Ease of movement, short distances between spaces, patient privacy and a sense of ‘being cared for’ were the focus for the project. This includes exam rooms that allow for interactive experiences between patients, physicians and other providers and administrative areas for staff to communicate privately with patients,” said Principal Architect Raymond Fox.  “The palette of finishes FS Design Group is implementing throughout the spaces gives life to the functionality of the space.”

Steve Sherrer of Align Builders, the general contractor, said this project was complex because it required 13 separate permits being delivered on different timelines. However, despite this challenge, the project was efficient, successful and, above all else, enjoyable. “The foundation for any successful project starts with trust,” Sherrer added. “FS Design Group trusted us and our trade partners so that challenges were overcome in a transparent and expedited manner.”

FS Design Group has vast experience in designing health care spaces that support patients and the medical staff who treat them. See more health care projects by visiting FS Design Group’s website.

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