CREW San Diego Elects New Board of Directors

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CREW San Diego Elects New Board of Directors

CREW San Diego, a membership organization dedicated to promoting, educating and supporting professionals in the field of commercial real estate, has announced its 2021 board of directors. Lisa Bittner from engineering firm NOVA Services, Inc. will lead the board as its president.

“I’m really proud to lead an organization that continually finds creative ways to advance the careers of its members and promote a culture of collaboration over competition,” said Bittner.  “Despite the challenging year, CREW San Diego offered its members and guests a full slate of educational, networking, career development and philanthropic opportunities during 2020.”

Under the board’s leadership, CREW San Diego hosts informative programming focused on economic growth and market trends, and frequently includes diverse speakers from some of San Diego’s largest and most active companies and organizations in commercial real estate.

Additionally, CREW San Diego hosts regular events dedicated to networking and business development. It also offers exclusive educational and professional development programs, including mentorship opportunities, outreach to local students at all levels, candid conversations with successful commercial real estate professionals and business-to-business deal-making.

During 2020, CREW San Diego started its own nonprofit called CREW BFF (Building Futures Foundation) to support professional development for its members. Through grants provided by CREW BFF, CREW San Diego members have the chance to secure scholarships for their professional development studies to advance their careers.

Other CREW San Diego 2021 elected officers include:

  • President-Elect: Rebecca Bodemann, Xpedient Communications
  • Secretary: Susie Slater, Pacific Building Group
  • Treasurer: Julie Kilpatrick, UCSD
  • Director-at-Large – Membership: Molly Addington, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Director-at-Large – Sponsorship: Penny Maus, Port of San Diego
  • Director-at-Large – Education + Programs: Tracy Morran, Pacific Cornerstone Architects
  • Director-at-Large – Career Outreach: Liz Henderson Doll, Stream Realty Partners
  • Director-at-Large – Marketing: Angela Santoro, Horrocks Engineers, Inc.
  • Director-at-Large – Special Events: Wendy Eagye, Align Builders
  • Delegate: Sarah Giardini, Community HousingWorks
  • Immediate-Past President: Ariel Bedell, Loftin|Bedell P.C.

About CREW San Diego

Founded in 1983, CREW San Diego is part of the CREW Network of over 12,000 members in more than 75 markets worldwide, comprised of chapters spanning the U.S., Canada and, most recently, Europe. San Diego’s membership footprint includes developers, architects, general contractors, brokers, construction managers, life science, R&D, engineers and project managers. While 75% of CREW San Diego’s membership is reserved for those directly involved in development or tenant improvement projects, the remaining 25% of memberships are allocated to associates and affiliates, which encompass CREW Emerging Leaders and professional service/product providers imperative to the successful growth of local commercial real estate markets. For more information, please visit