C-3 Announces 2023 Board of Directors and Workplan

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  2. C-3 Announces 2023 Board of Directors and Workplan
C-3 Announces 2023 Board of Directors and Workplan

Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3), a nonprofit citizens’ land planning organization founded in 1961, has announced its board of directors for 2023. The new leadership team includes Suzanne Lawrence as President, Cook + Schmidt’s Jon Schmidt as Vice President, The Miller Hull Partnership’s Kaylee Drexel as Secretary and Strategies 360’s Ryan Karlsgodt as Treasurer.

Under the board’s leadership, C-3 will continue to synthesize historical knowledge with innovative thinking to fulfill its mission of identifying solutions to empower and support stakeholders in diverse land use.

Specific initiatives for 2023 and beyond include:

  • Leading efforts to update the seminal San Diego land plan Temporary Paradise as part of the 2024 World Design Capital program;
  • Restarting C-3’s long-running breakfast dialogue series and focus programs on the organization’s six Knowledge Action Networks (KANs), which include Urban Core; Coastline & Wetlands; Mesas, Canyons & Valleys, Bi-National Border; Backcountry; and San Diego Bay; and
  • Expanding C-3’s The Finest City podcast to include additional oral history episodes with past C-3 leaders and a full complement of interviews with subject-matter experts centered around the KAN themes.

Prior to her election as president, Lawrence served as C-3’s Secretary and as a member of its Organizational Development and Fundraising Committee. She helped create and oversee C-3’s KANs to promote research, educational programming and design proposals that identify strategies for environmentally sustainable growth.

Lawrence also helped oversee the launch of C-3’s “Knowledge to Action” audio programs in 2022 as part of its previously established The Finest City podcast. Through its podcast, which is supported by a grant from SDG&E, C-3 engages with stakeholders ranging from grassroots community activists to top-level policy makers in each of its KANs. In 2022, Lawrence helped establish C-3’s partnership with the San Diego History Center to develop comprehensive archives focused on the KANs.

New additions to the 2023 board also include author and San Diego State University’s School of Public Affairs professor Larry Herzog and designer, urbanist, author and Woodbury University School of Architecture educator Megan Groth. Herzog will serve as Chair of the Bi-National KAN and Groth will serve as Chair of Special Projects.

The 2023 board of directors also includes continuing members Jordan Beane, Government Relations; Suchitra Lukes, Chair of the Urban Core KAN; Zach Plopper, Chair of the Coastline and Wetlands KAN; Francesca Redetzke, Chair of the Mesas, Valleys & Canyons KAN; Elizabeth Ocampo Vivero, Chair of the Bi-National Border KAN; Holly Smit Kicklighter, Chair of Backcountry KAN; Stephen Russell; Clifton Williams; and Mark Wardlaw.


About Citizens Coordinate for Century 3

Founded in 1961, Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 is dedicated to preserving and improving our region’s built and natural environments. Our objective is to influence critical policy, planning and design through education, empowerment and advocacy. www.c3sandiego.org  




Editor’s note:

C-3 board photo (credit: C-3, l to r): Holly Smit Kicklighter, Suchitra Lukes, Megan Groth, Kaylee Drexel, Suzanne Lawrence, Jon Schmidt, Nicole Ueno, Mark Wardlaw, Larry Herzog, Ryan Karlsgodt, Elizabeth Ocampo Vivero, Jordan Beane, Stephen Russell (not pictured: Zach Plopper, Francesca Redetzke and Clifton Williams)